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Shri Durga Prashad saraf ji
Shri Mathura Prashad saraf ji

  Ever since the 1988s
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This institutute has been established in 1987 Under Guigence of late Mr. Durga prashad saraf ji and his brother Late Mr. Mathura prashad saraf Ji. They have invested his own accests to develop this institute and make a resolution to provide higher education for all students who fall under below poverty line. This institute has been started in presence and with the help of District Collector Mr. Pukhraj Maru saheb.
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  Base Details

Mr. Rmadhar saraf , Mr. Jayprakash saraf, Mr. Kalicharan sharma, Mr. Seeta ram gupta, Late Mr. Nathuram gupta, Late Mr. Shiv dayal neekhra, Mr. Jagdeesh prashad sharabji, Mr. Munna lal kuchiya, are the key members to estblis this Institute.

This institute is established in 1988.

Recognized from Madhya pradesh shasan.

Provide the courses associated with Jiwaji vishwa vidhyalaya.

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